Devoted to Wicked

Devoted Lovers, Book 1.5

Will the one-night stand she tried to forget seduce her into a second chance?

A one-night stand…or something more? Karis isn't sure until a thief strands her in Mexico, leaving her in need of a passport photo—and a hero—and giving Cage a second chance to win her love.


Devoted Lovers SERIES


“Tell me what happened with you, little gypsy.”

Karis softened at his nickname for her. Despite getting off to an awkward start, she and Cutter had become fast friends when he’d done his best to bodyguard her through a threat to Jolie and her women’s apparel company, Betti. Too bad she couldn’t have mustered an iota of chemistry with him. He was a great guy.

Unlike his older brother, Cage, who was a raving jackass.

She knew that…and yet, just like her mother, Karis had let her terrible taste in men tell her hormones that it was a fabulous idea to fall for the older Bryant. In fact, she’d taken one look at him, flashed hot all over, and instantly wondered if he could be her soul mate. After too much tequila and an amazing one-night stand, proof of his assholery had soon cured her of that notion.

If she saw him on her deathbed, it would still be too soon.

“You there?” Cutter prodded. “Did you hear me?”

Focus. “Yeah. Just trying to collect my thoughts. I’m rattled. I haven’t slept. I don’t feel safe and—”

“You’ve been through a lot. I’m tied up here in Dallas but don’t worry. I sent the cavalry. He should arrive any moment. You’re going to be all right.”

She froze. “Who did you send?”

A pounding on the door interrupted the conversation, startling Karis. She pressed a hand to her chest.

“That’s him now,” Cutter said. “You two can call me later.”

Oh, he better nothave done what she suspected, not if he wanted to keep his balls. “Who did you freaking send?”

Cutter didn’t answer right away. “Relax. You’re in good hands. I’ll hold down the fort here. I’m sure your sister will update you about your mom when she has news. See you when you get home, little gypsy. Take care.”

“Don’t you even think—”

But Cutter did more than think about hanging up. She’d only finished half her sentence when he actually did. Damn it. Grumbling, she slammed the phone down.

Maybe she was wrong. Maybe Cage wasn’t on the other side of the door, waiting to needle and poke and irritate her with his disreputable good looks and signature tomcat smile. But when she stomped across the room and wrenched the door open, all her wishful thinking went out the window.

“Hi, cupcake.”




5 Stars! I wouldn't be able to resist that #HotCop who takes a#SultrySiesta to a whole nother level of hotness. I'd be booking my ticket to Cancun in a nanosecond. Thank goodness for Shayla Black who provides this overworked woman with mental vacations with her sweet, sexy and suspenseful writing.
– iScream Books Blog

5 Stars! This smoking hot read is quick, dirty and delivers some suspense. Shayla brings it!
– Dirty South Books

5 Stars! Shayla has the ability to bring you into her world of words – you find new friends, old friends, places that you want to be. You get to sit back, put your feet up, relax, and let her words and your mind take you away.
– Niki Ellis Designs

5 Stars! I loved the red hot seduction, the moan-inducing sex and the heart-pounding action. Miss Black gets better and better with each new story. And this novella is RIVETING!
– Marie’s Tempting Reads

5 Stars! This is a quick and steamy tale of love after a miscommunication! Can’t wait for the new series!
– Cup of Tea