Devoted to Pleasure

Devoted Lovers, Book 1

A bodyguard should never fall for his client…but she’s too tempting to refuse.

Bodyguard and former military man Cutter Bryant has always done his duty–no matter what the personal cost. Now he’s taking one last high-octane, high-dollar assignment before settling down in a new role that means sacrificing his chance at love. But he never expects to share an irresistible chemistry with his beautiful new client.

Fame claimed Shealyn West suddenly and with a vengeance after starring in a steamy television drama, but it has come at the expense of her heart. Though she’s pretending to date a co-star for her image, a past mistake has come back to haunt her. With a blackmailer watching her every move and the threat of career-ending exposure looming, Shealyn hires Cutter to shore up her security, never imagining their attraction will be too powerful to contain.

As Shealyn and Cutter navigate the scintillating line between business and pleasure, they unravel a web of secrets that threaten their relationship and their lives. When danger strikes, Cutter must decide whether to follow his heart for the first time, or risk losing Shealyn forever.


Devoted Lovers SERIES



“Ms. West. It’s Lance at the front gate. You have a visitor. Cutter Bryant?”

She vaguely remembered that being the name of her new body- guard. Jolie Quinn, the clothing designer dressing her for the next season of the show, had passed her Cutter’s contact info. She and the savvy woman had met during her first fitting and they were fast be- coming friends. So when she’d said during a moment of weakness a few days ago that she needed a bodyguard, Jolie had wholeheartedly recommended the man.

“Send him up.”

Taking one last look around the house for clutter, she shoved a few magazines back in a stack, then she adminished herself. She was hiring him, not rolling out her southern hospitality for a houseguest.

Two minutes later, an SUV rolled up her graveled front drive and parked beside the truck she’d driven here from Texas and insisted on keeping because it reminded her of home. He exited the vehicle. Through the front window, Shealyn couldn’t see him much since dusk was falling and what was left of the sun backlit him, obscuring his face. But his shape was enough to catch her breath. He was what her former castmate, Jessica Jarrett, had called a Dorito. His wide shoulders and powerful chest tapered down to a lean waist and downright narrow hips. Yum...

As he secured the vehicle and stepped onto the wide porch, a litany of pleas rolled through her head. Please be ugly. Please be a jerk. Please be gayShe was lonely and a little bit vulnerable, damn it. She didn’t need temptation in her life.

When he knocked, she pulled the big arched door open, a subdued welcome already planned. The moment she ladie eyes on him, her mind went blank and her heart started pounding ninety-to-nothing.

Dear lord. That was a man. Sandy hair, piercing dark eyes, and a mouth that looked wholly capable of sin. That was before she noticed his muscles all but bulged from his black T-shirt. He looked big everywhere.

“Ms. West?” His deep voice sounded gentle and low, but she already knew from reading his résumé that he could be a dangerous bastard.




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