Capture Me in Moonlight

Doomsday Brethren, Book 2 (Novella)

I crave her like no other…but touching her could destroy us both.


For thousands of years, the Wolvsey wizards have been cursed never to know their fated mate.

Then I see her. A beauty with a bruised heart. A human who’s not supposed to know about our world. She’s off-limits, yet I’m obsessed. I shouldn’t want to share everything with her. Given my manwhore reputation, she’ll never trust me.

And if I give in, she’ll die.



For two years, I’ve ached for the enigmatic stranger who watches me possessively every night, then leaves with another woman. He’s not mine, and after my ex, I swore I’d never fall again.

And if I give in, he’ll break my heart.

There’s no place for us—in his world or mine. Yet our spark burns too hot to resist. And when a terrifying dark wizard threatens everything, we must band together…or we won’t survive.

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