A Very Wicked Christmas

Wicked Lovers, Book 11.75

Stop by Jack and Morgan’s place for Christmas—Wicked style!

Sometimes the holidays are so busy—work, kids, shopping, baking, partying, wrapping, decorating, planning, and Christmas music—that you don’t have time for the one you love most. Can the spirit of the season bring the first two Wicked Lovers closer forever? Join Jack and Morgan for some holiday cheer.

(Best after having read Wicked Ties.)

Short Story

Not currently available in Print

Wicked Lovers SERIES


Morgan and her husband finished tidying in companionable silence until the kitchen was nearly spotless again. Everything felt so…normal. But eagerness tugged against the anxiety simmering under her surface while she watched Jack clean the table with a disinfecting wipe, his muscles bunching under a gray Henley with every swipe. Damn, he looked good.

He trashed the disposable cloth before sidling behind her and locking his arms around her waist. This time, like every time Jack Cole touched her, Morgan’s body lit up.

How did the man still do that to her after more than five years of marriage, two beautiful kids, and endless memories of breathtaking sex?

“What are you wearing under my sweatshirt?” He fitted a hand under the overlarge garment and felt his way up her not-quite-flat belly.

What did he think when he touched her?