The first four Forbidden Confessions are now in one box set!

The first four Forbidden Confessions are now in one box set!   Direct from Shayla Store: http://shayla.link/FCFT Amazon: http://shayla.link/FCFTKindle Apple Books: http://shayla.link/FCFTApple Barnes & Noble: http://shayla.link/FCFTNook Kobo: http://shayla.link/FCFTKobo Falling for the forbidden is never something you plan. Here is my confession…   Seducing The Innocent, Book 1 Just how far will she go to keep

If you’re going to play with fire, I’m going to burn you so bad… keep reading for snippet!

★ Zyron and Tessa Duet Complete ★ → WICKED AS LIES (Wicked & Devoted, Book 3)  →  http://shayla.link/WAL → WICKED AND TRUE (Wicked & Devoted, Book 4)  →  http://shayla.link/WAT ***** It was straight-up nine o’clock. Time to get some answers. Tessa opened the door, greeting him in a robe and a smile, looking as if

If they cross this line from friends to lovers, it would change everything.

WICKED ANS TRUE EXCERPT AVAILABLE NOW A sudden, firm knock on her front door had her whirling around. Her breath caught. Her heart stopped. With her stomach twisting in anticipation, she flipped on the porch light and peeked out the peephole. Today had proven that anyone associated with EM Security in any way needed to