Surprise! What was once the More Than Words series has a whole new name and all new ways for you to jump into the most tumultuous family in paradise! They’re the same connected standalone stories many of you know and love, but the new Reed Family Reckoning name perfectly describes the way these very different characters

My first two duets in the Wicked and Devoted series are ready for YOU!

One-Mile & Brea and Zy & Tessa…oh, let the #wicked fun begin! #bingeread ★ One-Mile and Brea Duet ★ → WICKED AS SIN (Wicked & Devoted, Book 1)  →  http://shayla.link/WAS → WICKED EVER AFTER (Wicked & Devoted, Book 2) → http://shayla.link/WEA   ★ Zyron and Tessa Duet ★ → WICKED AS LIES (Wicked & Devoted,