Teaser Thursday: Strictly Forbidden

Welcome back to Teaser Thursday! Today I have a new audio release of one of my classic historicals, Strictly Forbidden! If you're a fan of sexy, angsty Victorian-era romance, I hope you'll give this a listen (or a read, since it’s available in eBook and print, too!) It can be read as a standalone, but [...]

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Teaser Thursday – More Than Love You and Giveaway!

Welcome back to Teaser Thursday! On February 13th, I’ll be releasing More Than Love You! It can be read as a standalone, but if you've been following the More Than Words series, then you know about the Reed brothers’ crazy younger sister, Harlow. And the wealthy, mysterious man who bought the island’s most private estate… Scroll down [...]

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An Early Secret Saturday – A Perfect Match

I've got a Secret! We're off to set sail on the 1001 Dark Nights Cruise. Before we go, I’ll be revealing a few secrets about, A Perfect Match! I originally wrote this book for a couple of reasons. First, some friends challenged me to see if I could write both a sweeter and a shorter book. [...]

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Wine Wednesday Rewind

Welcome back friends! I hosted Wine Wednesday this past Saturday, since the holidays, sickness, and the 1001 Dark Nights cruise wreaked havoc with my schedule. But I wanted to check in and give you a little peek before setting sail. Warm weather, here I come! If you’re going on the cruise, I can’t wait to see [...]

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Teaser Thursday – Wicked Ties and a Giveaway

Welcome back to my Secrets! This year, I’ll be celebrating 20 years in publishing! It’s been both a lifetime ago and the blink of an eye. When I sold my first book in 1998, I wasn’t even thinking this far into the future, and I certainly had no expectations of spending my career as a [...]

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Secrets from Shayla! Are YOU Ready?

Welcome to my all-new scratch pad for the stuff straight out of my head, including the SECRETS I haven’t yet shared with anyone—about my books, my writing process, my random ideas, and whatever else crosses my mind. A lot of content will be exclusive to Shayla’s Secrets, so be sure to hit the subscribe button [...]

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“Tell me what happened with you, little gypsy.” Devoted to Wicked Excerpt Reveal

“Tell me what happened with you, little gypsy.” Karis softened at his nickname for her. Despite getting off to an awkward start, she and Cutter had become fast friends when he’d done his best to bodyguard her through a threat to Jolie and her women’s apparel company, Betti. Too bad she couldn’t have mustered an [...]

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April 12 Months of Giving!

♥ 12 Months of Giving: APRIL ♥ We are giving away 12 signed print books again this month!! Who’s ready for a chance to win from bestselling authors Paige Tyler, Kindle Alexander, Lexi Blake, Cat Porter , Roni Loren Griffin, Skye Jordan, Nicole Edwards, Lorelei James, Elle Kennedy, Lora Leigh, Mari Carr, and me? To enter, [...]

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