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Wine Wednesday Rewind – Shayla’s Beauty Favorites!

Welcome back to Wine Wednesday Rewind - The Beauty Edition!  This week’s broadcast included updates on The Choice (Doms of Her Life, Heavenly Rising) and More Than Crave You (More Than Words, Book 4)  We also did a deep dive on all things beauty along some make-up and skin care favorites! You can check out the full video HERE.   [...]

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Secret Saturday: Characters from the More Than Words series answer YOUR questions!

Welcome back to Secret Saturday! I asked the Beauties from my Facebook group to post questions they wanted to ask the characters from the More Than Words series. Find out how Maxon feels about repeat performances of karaoke and Noah's thoughts about safety in football. If you haven't joined the Beauties yet, join in here. Hope to see you! Q: [...]

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Teaser Thursday – Delicious

Welcome back to Teaser Thursday! Let's do Throwback Thursday and take it back to Delicious!  Luc and Alyssa…if you haven’t read their story (Wicked Lovers, Book 3)…pick it up today! Remember to come back this Saturday for a fun filled Q&A session with topics straight from Shayla Black Book Beauties Facebook Group. Now off I go to visit [...]

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Shayla’s Guest of the Month: Julie Kenner

Welcome back, everyone! This month, I’m interviewing my good friend, J.Kenner/Julie Kenner! Julie and I have been friends for years and get together as often as our schedules permit. I hope you enjoy the interview. Name a movie you’ve seen at least five times and why it’s a favorite. Julie: SO many! I’m a big re-watcher. Because I’m [...]

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Teaser Thursday – Their Virgin Captive

Welcome back to Teaser Thursday! Let's do Throwback Thursday to when you met Gavin, Slade, Dex and Hannah in Their Virgin Captive, which I wrote with Lexi Blake. Three hot oil barons and the beautiful Hannah Craig fill the story with ‘emotion, danger and domination’. Please don't forget to share all my Secrets—and this Teaser Thursday—with your [...]

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Wine Wednesday Rewind – The “Shit Show” Edition

Welcome back to Wine Wednesday Rewind - The “Shit Show" Edition!  This week’s broadcast included a recap of my crazy book deadline week, details on the upcoming RT convention/book signing in Reno (May), make-up madness and the most anticipated segment of the entire FBLive…Words with William. Plus loads more!! Wine Wednesdays (via FB Live) are hosted each [...]

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Wine Wednesday Rewind – Deadline Edition

When Shayla's on deadline, William and Baby Black come out to play! Shayla's currently heads down and hard at work on The Choice with Jenna Jacob and Isabella LaPearl! William and Baby stop by to answer questions asked by fans and we've included some in between shenanigans! *Psst...if you see Shayla, we were on our [...]

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Secret Saturday: A Letter to Noah to Harlow

It's the month filled with Romance! I'm so excited about the release of More Than Love You, which came out the day before Valentine's Day. I shared a love letter from Noah to Harlow in the VIP Exclusive Newsletter and I‘m now including it as one of my Secrets. If you haven't signed-up for my Exclusive [...]

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Teaser Thursday: Decadent

Welcome back to Teaser Thursday! This week, I’m introducing you to book 2 of the Wicked Lovers series, Decadent. Featuring Kimber Edgington and her quest for sex education from bodyguard Deke Trenton… Please don't forget to share all my Secrets—and this Teaser Thursday—with your reader friends. Hugs! She barely had time to react with hot shock and a blistering [...]

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