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Doms of Her Life, book 1

Recently, Jenna, Isabella, and I chatted with the main characters from the Doms of Her Life series – Macen Hammerman, Raine Kendall, and Liam O'Neill. Divided allegiances, torn friendships, unrequited love, drama and angst surround these three almost from the first page. Take a peek at what they had to say just before the start of The Young and The Submissive.

*     *     *

Shayla, Jenna, and Isabella sit down with Hammer in the bar at Shadows. It’s early afternoon, and he’s pouring a shot of Patrón, broad shoulders straining the seams of his suit coat. He stands as they enter and waits until they each grab a barstool.

Hammer: Drink, ladies? As you can see, I like tequila. Margaritas?

Shayla: Hi, Hammer. You’re on. No salt, please.

Isabella: Absolutely.

Jenna: *Eyes him* Yes, please.

Hammer pours and serves with a smile, but it’s not his usual charming grin. Shayla, Jenna, and Isabella all look at one another, hoping to get to the bottom of the problem.

Jenna: Thanks for taking the time to meet with us. I know you’re plate is full with a business to run and personal problems to unravel.

Isabella: Are you all right? *She sips her drink*

Shayla: Or are you having trouble knowing the woman you love is collared by another man?

Hammer: *Shoots Shayla a glare* Why would that be a problem? I’m having a great time listening to Liam all over Raine through the thin walls between our rooms. It’s fabulous. He’s such a prick… *He grits his teeth* But this isn’t over yet. I haven’t given up.

Isabella: *Clears throat* Obviously, that’s an upset for you. I guess you’re still remembering the incredible night you spent with Raine.

Hammer: Is the sky blue?

Shayla: I’ll take that as a yes.

Jenna: How will you try to lure her from Liam so you can have her for yourself?

Hammer: Liam can’t handle her. He doesn’t understand her. He’ll give her back to me soon enough.

Isabella: And if you’re wrong? What if Liam intends to do whatever it takes to win her for good?

Hammer: I have a backup plan.

Jenna: Is your plan waiting to see if Raine is pregnant? *Sends him a quelling stare*

Hammer: *Growls and glares.* I’m keeping my eye on that situation. I’ll know soon. I think that’s enough for now. Excuse me, I have things to take care of. Enjoy your margaritas.

As he leaves the room, Shayla, Jenna, and Isabella all take their drinks and wander down the hall to find either Raine or Liam.

Doms of Her Life, book 2

Doms of Her Life, book 2

Shayla, Jenna, and Isabella wander into the kitchen to find Raine baking. Her movements are rapid, almost manic as she stirs together ingredients, grabs items from the refrigerator, and checks a pan in the oven.

Isabella: Hello, dear. Everything smells wonderful.

Raine: *Turns to the women and puts on a smile* Hi, ladies. Help yourself. There are cookies in the jar on the counter. I’ve got a banana bread coming out soon. Any other requests?

Jenna: No. You don’t have to bake anything special because we’re here. Obviously, you’re upset. Talk to us. Tell us, is it that difficult being in love with two men?

Raine: *Presses her lips together and tries to hold it together* It’s fine. I’ll be fine.

Shayla: You’re not. Why don’t you tell us what’s wrong? We’re your friends. We can help.

Raine: *She slams down her spoon as her expression crumbles* It’s impossible, all right? They can’t stop fighting, and I’m squarely in the middle. They’re both good men in different ways, but I swear… There are times I’m not sure whether I should referee or submit.

Isabella: Probably a bit of both, but you’ll figure it out. *She smiles gently* What makes them fight? If you know, maybe you can remove the problem and simplify everything.

Raine: It’s me. I’m the problem. Don’t think I haven’t thought about leaving. But this is home…

Jenna: There’s nothing you can’t solve, Raine. What could be so terrible that you’d have to leave everything behind…or *Takes her hands* Last time readers saw you, weren’t you worried about being pregnant?

Raine: I don’t know yet. I…it’s too early to know. *She grabs the spoon and stirs the batter frantically*

Shayla: But isn’t your period late?

Raine: Not you, too. *She sighs heavily* Just leave it. When I know something, I’ll tell everyone, all right? Right now, I don’t know anything. Banana bread? *She pulls the loaf from the oven and sets it on the counter*

Isabella: With margaritas? No, thank you, dear. *Takes Raine by the shoulders* Putting aside the baby issue for one moment, tell us your next move. I’m sure you’d feel better if you knew for certain which man you intended pick. Any ideas?

Raine: No. None.

The ladies surround Raine as she fights tears. They share hugs all around.

Jenna: I know it hurts, honey, but you’ll have to choose.

Raine: Yeah. I don’t know how. I love them both for different reasons. How do I give up half my heart?

The ladies look between each other, empathy on everyone’s faces.

Shayla: Think long and hard. Go with your gut. If you need us, we’re here.

Raine: Thanks. You guys are great. Would you mind if I spent some time alone?

Isabella: Of course not, dear. Rest up. Hopefully, you’ll find answers soon.

The women all leave the kitchen and go in search of Liam. Maybe one person they talk to today will be happy.

As Shayla, Jenna, and Isabella roam the halls looking for Liam, they hear him come in the front door and double back. As one, they stop in the foyer and stare. He’s just come in from the gym and looks so manly and hard and shirtless. Jenna groans. Shayla blinks. Isabella sighs, then nudges the other two.

Isabella: Hi, Liam. Good time at the gym?

Liam: Hello. Not really. I wish I could say I’d worked off my aggression, but I make it a point not to lie to lovely ladies like you. *He tries to give them a gallant smile*

Jenna: Problems?

Liam: The usual. My raven-haired hellcat. I swear sometimes Raine should have been named Tempest or Storm. *Tosses keys on the table* You’ll have to forgive my mood. And my attire. If you’d like, I’ll shower and dress so we can continue this conversation.

Shayla: Don’t worry about us. We’re fine. Raine says she is, too, but—

Liam: *snorts* She could be drowning in a pit of alligators and she'd still say she’s fine. I mean to fix that. It’s only been a few weeks, but I will.

Isabella: But isn’t it more difficult to reach her because she’s not just in love with you? Are you worried about her feelings for Hammer?

Liam: I can’t speak for what’s in Raine’s heart. She hasn’t shared that with me. But I know what’s in mine. You already know how I feel about her… And Hammer? *He shrugs his shoulders* The man had years to claim Raine and didn’t. Now she’s mine. End of story.

Jenna: Unless she’s pregnant. What then?

Liam: Last week, Raine said she wasn’t late. This week…I don’t know. I guess we’ll find out. And I’ll deal with it, but I told her I’m not leaving. I meant it.

Shayla: I think Hammer has different ideas. What will you do if he makes a play for her?

Liam: *Determination tightens his face* Raine still wears my collar, and Hammer can kiss my ass. I think I’ve said enough on this, ladies. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to the shower.

Liam ducks past them grimly, gym bag in hand, and makes his way down the hall, slamming into his bathroom.

Isabella: Isn’t this a fine pickle? I’m not sure we’ve seen any happy people at Shadows.

Jenna: It’s a tangled mess, for sure. I’m not sure I see any good resolution here.

Shayla: One where everyone can be happy? Yeah, that’s a tough one. We’ve got our work cut out for us!

*     *     *

Look for book 3 in the sexy, serialized Doms of Her Life series, The Bold and The Dominant, in 2014. Cover and release coming soon!


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