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#tbt My friends-to-lovers, bodyguard, single dad, forbidden/secret love confession… Seduced by the Assassin.

What lengths will he go to in order to claim his babygirl?
I’m Ransom.
I’m thirty four…and I’m in love with a girl who’s eighteen.
Did I mention that Havana is my son’s ex-girlfriend?
Yeah, this isn’t complicated at all.
When I’m grazed by a Glock in a parking lot, she keeps me from bleeding out.
We hole up in a luxurious hideaway that’s like a fantasy.
Clear of danger and interference, I stop resisting her.
And I get the surprise of my life.
But if I don’t eliminate my enemies, we won’t see the sun rise…

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Time is Running OUT on this Dark, Dangerous Experience! I'd really love to have you involved. This is a special, exclusive project. It won't be available anywhere else. And once this Kickstarter is over, you won't ever have the chance to order these goodies again. Check us out!

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Looking for a d@rk, d@ngerous, and vengéful experience?
Kickstarter Box Available through 11-30 at 9pm/C!

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While Hawaii serves as a gorgeous backdrop for this fun, flirty, steamy, angsty series, you get grit and drama and all the feels! Start your journey with book one, More Than Want You for zero pennies!

★ Reed Family Reckoning series ★
See them all here! →
More Than Want You, Book 1 (FREE) →

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Last Chance - eBook Mega bundles HALF OFF! Exclusively at the Shayla Black Store!

#ForbiddenConfessions #ReedFamilyReckoning #WickedLovers: Soldiers for Hire

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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ “WOW! This book hit the floor running. It is a very fast-paced story full of twists and turns, mixed with magic and immortality.” - Goodreads Reviewer

What’s inside?
• Abduct!on
• Band of brothers
• Cursed hero
• Enemies to lovers
• Fated mates
• Immortals
• Magic
• Revenge
• S€x = power
• First time FMC

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It’s small business Black Friday, and the savings are BIG! Don’t miss out! Exclusively at the Shayla Black Store! #SupportSmallBusiness #BlackFridayDeals

eBook Mega bundles HALF OFF!
- Forbidden Confessions, Reed Family Reckoning, and Wicked Lovers: Soldiers for Hire

Mystery Box Fun
- Shayla is going to stuff this FULL of cool stuff. She’ll include at least 5 items, a minimum of 2 will be books. Some are limited edition. Some are unicorns. Some are favorites. Don’t miss out!

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The (Shayla) Black Friday Sale is in full swing! Don’t miss these amazing deals – only at the Shayla Store for a limited time! ...

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Thanksgiving feast ensuing! From my family to yours, have a blessed day! 🦃❤️🍽🎉 ...

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Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! Giving thanks with a grateful heart - I’m thankful for each and every one of you! ...

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A bittersweet day. After a heartfelt family gathering where we said our final goodbyes to my mother-in-law, we put on our smiles for her and took a detour to one of her favorite haunts. She would have loved this trip at this time of year. 🙏🏻😭💔 ...

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The Kickstarter sample pack is here! 📖 Read it here:

HOMEWRECKER by Golden Angel
🖤A hella dirty, morally gray secret hookup with her frenemy's dad.

🖤A filthy, angsty bed her, wed her, and breed her office romance.

BILLIONAIRE’S REVENGE by Sierra Cartwright
🖤A sinfully sexy mafia-inspired forced marriage with benefits.

SWEET REVENGE by Samantha Cole
🖤A sexy-sweet, bullies-to-lovers second chance story.

YACHT KING by Renee Rose
🖤A spicy, Married-to-the-Mob abduction steamfest.

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What do we love more during the Thanksgiving holiday than family, friends, and food? Black Friday Deals! Since we readers need something to feed our book habit, I’ve got screaming deals at the Shayla store—for a very limited time.

😱 eBook Mega bundles HALF OFF!
😱 Mystery Box – just for you!

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Get ready for Nash and Haisley to burn up the pages! Y’all, I’m going places with this story that I’ve NEVER gone before. I’m a little 🫣, but I’m going for it because…whoa, is this going to be 🔥! And I cannot wait!!! Don’t miss this! #WickedLovers #SoldiersForHire

Wicked and Ruthless (Preorder!) →

He'll do anything to save her...but he'll never let her go.

😋 Bodyguard
😱 Danger
🤤 D0minant
🏠 Forced proximity
🛏️ Forced seduction
🌶️ K!nk
❤️‍🔥 Obsessed hero
🤫 Secret society

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Meet One-Mile, the ultimate second-chance romance read for FREE!

WICKED AS SIN by @ShaylaBlack

#ShaylaBlack #WickedLovers #SoldiersForHire #BadBoy #GoodGirl #Danger

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Our juicy Revenge F🌺ck anthology—available only through Kickstarter—is not only darkly delicious, but the beauty of this book??? Y’all, it’s stunning in person. Beyond gorgeous. I can’t even describe how shiny and reflective and pretty it really is. Check out the unveiling …

See the gorgeous cover:

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#tbt She’s unattainable. Off-limits. Forbidden. Grab this sizzling, forbidden confession today!

What will she surrender to him for his protection?
I’m Vanessa.
Someone has broken into my place…but taken nothing.
I’m terrified.
And alone.
My work crush appears unexpectedly and offers to keep me safe.
At what price?
We have a past Rush doesn’t remember…
So I offer him a night he won’t forget.
But he already knows everything about me—my ambitions, habits, and forbidden desires.
And that’s not the only secret he’s been keeping…

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The anthology is here! Who wants one?

#Revengekickstarter #shaylablackbooks #romancewithrevenge #spicyrevenge

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This lush eBook edition includes NSFW interior images (too hot to show here!), smexy revenge-filled digital options. Check out all the details on my latest Kickstarter collaboration!

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