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“I’m cutting to the chase, pretty girl. Let me tell you what isn’t going to happen. I’m not going to seduce you. I’m not going to push or pressure or force you. You’re coming to me because you want it. From me. And no one else.” -Pierce “One-Mile” Walker
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Who doesn’t love a sexy bedtime story? Forbidden tropes and quick reads? My Forbidden Confessions series has been so much fun for me to write!

New to the Forbidden Confessions series? Enjoy some boxset love and get started today!

★ Forbidden Confessions: First Time ★

★ Forbidden Confessions: Protectors ★

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Summer Fling is coming in eBook and hardback!

Four sexy beach reads in one volume! Summer Fling includes More Than Love You, Seducing the Bride, Devoted to Wicked, and Seduced by the Bodyguard.

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It’s here! It’s here! 🎉#spicybooks #seggsybooks #shaylablack #authorsofinstagram #romancebooks #booksofinstagram ...

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Friction turns to heat when a Hollywood-hating bodyguard is assigned to protect LaLa Land’s biggest star…

CHARMED BY YOU: A Stark Security Novella by New York Times bestselling author J. Kenner is LIVE! Grab your copy today!

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COMING NOVEMBER 1ST! I seduced her for revenge…but I won’t let up until she’s mine

I’m Xavian Costa—financial genius, maverick, and heartbreaker. Since my dad ran out before I was born and my best friend slept with the woman I intended to marry, I don’t get close to people. It’s fine. That leaves me more time for what I’m best at: making money. But Parker, who poached my ex, is now a bestselling author with movie deals, and he’s modeled his number one villain after me. I want revenge. I’m just looking for the perfect vehicle.
Then the sexiest brunette I’ve ever seen literally falls at my feet. Best of all, she’s my former pal’s innocent little sister, all grown up, and she needs a fake fiancé. I’m happy to help—for a price.

We begin our whirlwind “engagement,” and I get to know Corinne as something more than a gawky fourteen-year-old. She’s snarky, sassy, and smart as hell. I admire the serious way she attacks life. I like her ambition to do something besides inherit. And I love the way she moans when I take her to bed. But soon, I’m falling for her and questioning my plans to stab Parker in the back by breaking his little sister’s heart. When my dirty laundry gets aired for everyone—including Corinne—I have to prove that I’ll put her first. She has no idea I feel more than desire for her, but I’ll show her until she says yes for good.

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An innocent runaway, her tormented savior, and the shrewd player embark on an epic, passionate journey of rage, jealousy, forgiveness, and love to become Unbroken. Get started now for FREE with The Broken!

★ The Broken ★
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★ The Unbroken Series: RAINE FALLING ★

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104 degrees and August is just getting started. Too damn early and hot for Halloween candy! 🎃👻🔥 ...

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Hubby and I are excited about our next two book signings this year! Readers on the River and Love N Vegas won’t know what hit ‘em! Can’t wait!!

If you’re going to either of these events and want to reserve a special book or book bundle, see the pre-orders below.

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The wait is over!!! Jenna Jacob and I are thrilled to bring you another installment in the Heavenly Rising saga. If you’ve been reading about Heavenly, Seth, and Beck, brace yourself for this angsty, sexy, make-you-laugh/make-you-cry, MFM romance and grab THE CONFESSION today! Here’s what advance reviewers are saying:

❤️ This is a ten-star story!!!!
❤️ An emotional, throw-your-kindle-on-the-floor-and-scream-out-loud-oh-no-you-did-not-do-that ride.
❤️ This story is jam-packed full of sexy times, stirring emotional scenes, and love.
Haven’t started the Heavenly Rising saga yet? Start today with The Choice!

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One More Day!!! #TheConfession #UnbrokenSeries #TheChoice #TheChase

One Beauty. Two Friends. Shattering Secrets.
♥️ Age-gap
♥️ Lovers Reunited
♥️ Ménage
♥️ Secret Past

How about a little sneak peek? 😉
The foyer was empty, the stairs leading up to Cooper Investigations West dark. At the top of the landing, Beck paused, letting his eyes adjust to the blinding light from Seth’s desk lamp until he could see beyond it.
And there he was, sprawled on the couch, his head on a pillow that had seen better days, bundled up with an old blanket, his feet hanging over the side. One arm dangled and dragged the floor. And with his next breath, he snored like a chainsaw.
Seth was dead-ass asleep.
Sighing, he approached the slumbering PI and nudged his shoulder. “Hey, wake up. We need to talk.”

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“The Confession will leave you breathless and wanting more.” - The Overflowing Bookcase

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LAST CHANCE! More Than Need You is still FREE, but it’s coming to an end! Now’s your chance to get the 2nd book in my Reed Family Reckoning series for 0¢!

✫ Sixty days. That’s what I’m asking the gritty, independent single mother to give me—twenty-four/seven. Under my roof.

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@thewilliamblack surprised me with @hardeightbbq for lunch today. Love on a tray! #hubbysplatenotmine #lovebbq #jalapenocreamcorn ...

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One Beauty. Two Friends. Shattering Secrets…

Enjoy this snipped from THE CONFESSION, coming August 2nd!

Heavenly’s eyes widened. “You’re scaring me.”
“I’m sorry. That isn’t my intent. You know I can be gentle. I can love you softly, sweetly—in whatever way you need. Everything that happened is in the past. It was years ago—”
“But that part of you still lives and seethes under your surface.”
Seth couldn’t refute her. Instead, he glanced over her shoulder at Beck for help.
“He’s not pretending otherwise.” The surgeon pushed away from the kitchen island and made his way toward them. “He’s only saying that there’s more to him than violence. And you know that. Come here.”
When Beck fitted his hands around her waist and tried to pull her away from his grip, Seth resisted, pinning the doctor with a warning glare. Beck met his stare, his eyes full of calm. They asked for trust. Seth hesitated, then released her into the surgeon’s care. Heavenly exhaled and relaxed against Beck when he fitted her back to his chest.
Then he banded his arm around her middle and dipped his head, caressing the shell of her ear with his lips. “Do you trust me?”

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Five days, y’all!

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#tbt to The Chase… Unbroken: Heavenly Rising series, book 2! Book 3 will be available next week! Start your binge today!

The Choice, Book 1 (Out Now!) →
The Chase, Book 2 (Out Now!) →
The Confession, Book 3 (Coming 08.02.22!) →

5 Stars! “I love a big book full of epic words and a plot so addictive, all-consuming, and intense that it devours me whole. Epic, brilliant, and pure perfection. I LOVED IT!” – The Sassy Nerd

★ About The Chase ★
One temptress. Two alphas. Relentless pursuit.
The night Heavenly Young gave her innocence to Dr. Kenneth Beckman and Seth Cooper, betrayal and tragedy shattered her world. Leaving behind everything and everyone to fulfill a deathbed promise and start her life over, she faces the painful past while questioning her murky future. Should she spend it alone…or with the two men who captured her heart?
Beck and Seth are devastated when Heavenly leaves without a word. Determined to reclaim the woman they love, they pursue the beauty and help her complete her solemn duty. But Heavenly is still grieving and unsure where she belongs, so the men make her an offer: commit to them temporarily. If she still wants freedom at the end of their arrangement, they’ll let her go—for good.
Now racing against the clock, the men must find creative, pleasurable ways to break down Heavenly’s resistance and bind her to them. But just when their dreams are within reach, a demon from Beck’s long-forgotten past returns, bent on revenge that might destroy the trio’s chance at happily-ever-after forever.

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NEW IN AUDIO! Seduced by the Mafia Boss, narrated by the fantastic Jason Clarke is now available!
What will he risk to make his one-night stand last forever?

I’m Ridge.
I’m living a lie—except the night I met Kristi.
After hours of sweltering passion, I fell hard.
And I vowed to end my enemies to claim her.
Instead, she ran straight into danger.
So I have to kidnap her.
But she has a surprise for me, too…
Now I’m even more determined to mete out justice so I can spend the next fifty years with her.
Unfortunately, the mafia has a nasty habit of not letting go…

Enjoy this Forbidden Confession. HEA guaranteed!

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The COMPLETE Unbroken: Raine Falling series in one boxset can be found at most eRetailers! Grab your copy today!

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Smexy, forbidden bedtime stories!

Enjoy four stories of the forbidden first touch in:
★ Forbidden Confessions: First Time ★

Don’t miss four stories of danger and forbidden desire in:
★ Forbidden Confessions: Protectors ★

And there’s more to come!
★ Forbidden Confessions: Filthy Rich Bosses ★

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