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😍Thanks to all who joined the Virtual Signing over the weekend! @thewilliamblack has packed up the first batch of mailings. I'll post event pics later this week. Hugs! #virtualsigning #booksareontheirway #lovemyfans❤️ #romance #romancebooks #zoom ...

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Today is the Shayla Virtual Signing! Thanks to all joining me! William and I are excited to chat with y’all. Stay tuned for our next virtual event! ...

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OMG! It’s happening y’all! Cover LOVE! The next Forbidden Confession: Protectors, SEDUCED BY THE SPY will be out on June 1 ! I can’t wait for you to get your hands on this sexy story!

What will she surrender to him for his protection?
I’m Vanessa.
Someone has broken into my place…and taken nothing.
I’m terrified.
And alone.
My work crush appears unexpectedly and offers to keep me safe.
At what price?
We have a past Rush doesn’t remember…
So I offer him a night he won’t forget.
But he already knows everything about me—ambitions, habits, and forbidden desires.
And that’s not the only secret he’s been keeping…

Coming 06.01.21!

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Dive into the FORBIDDEN! Get 15% off SEDUCING THE BRIDE eBook at the Shayla Store! Select the eBook and enter promo code 15off at check out.
Just how far will he go to claim her?
I’m Hayden.
I’m old enough to know better.
I can have any woman I want—except Perrie Atkins.
She’s too young. Off limits. Innocent. Forbidden.
My best friend’s daughter.
Once, she had a crush on me. Now she’s grown and engaged to another man.
Still, I can’t let her go.
How many bridges am I willing to burn to convince her she’s mine?
I’m about to find out…

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My two #favorite guys! Love you @thewilliamblack and Dad! ...

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Two GREAT ways to stay up-to-date with me! For exclusive and Shayla Black updates join my VIP newsletter list.

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Meet One-Mile. Arrogant. Ruthless. Deadly. Your wicked journey begins here…

The good girl wants a favor? She’ll pay in his bed.

Wicked & Devoted series →
WICKED AS SIN (Wicked & Devoted, Book 1) →

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If you’re going to play with fire, I’m going to burn you so bad… keep reading for snippet!

★ Zyron and Tessa Duet Complete ★
→ WICKED AS LIES (Wicked & Devoted, Book 3) →
→ WICKED AND TRUE (Wicked & Devoted, Book 4) →

It was straight-up nine o’clock. Time to get some answers.
Tessa opened the door, greeting him in a robe and a smile, looking as if she’d just curled her hair and retouched her makeup. She also seemed nervous as hell.
“Hi.” She stepped back. “Come in. How was the meeting with the bosses?”
She wanted to get right to the point? Too bad. He was going to make her wait.
Zy shrugged. “Intense. It’s a lot of details to work out, especially since we have new information. How was dinner with Cash’s dad?”
“Nice,” she said with a smile full of forced cheer. “Craig took us to a place that, um…had wonderful burgers and chicken. Yeah, on the south side of town. They sang to her. But Craig is doing well. I’m glad we went.”
Liar, liar… But why?


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I try my best to stay on the straight and narrow. I like to push boundaries and would wear this badge with pride. Anyone been in FB jail? ...

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SEDUCED BY THE INNOCENT starts your forbidden journey with these fun, super sexy reads! (No reading order required.) #tbt

Just how far will she go to keep her secret crush?

Seducing the Innocent →
Forbidden Confessions series →

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🦩 When life gives you lemons…add vodka! 🦩

Get ready to laugh (and cry just a little) with the hilarious escape we all need—plus there’s a super hot neighbor, the HOA from hell, and Aunt Maggie’s massive wine collection. Back in the Burbs from @@averyflynn and @tracywolffbooks is a must read that will leave you smiling and ready to take on all your doubters—even if sometimes that doubter is yourself.

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Their kiss had torched his good sense and sent his best intentions up in flames.


He took her face in his hands. Tessa’s lush lips were mere inches from his, and all he could think about was covering them with his own while he stripped off everything that shielded her body from his stare. He ached to carry her to bed, work every inch…


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Your next binge! Sexy, high octane suspense. Oh, and deliciously WICKED!

Two complete duets available to thrill you!

★ One-Mile and Brea Duet ★
→ WICKED AS SIN (Wicked & Devoted, Book 1) →
→ WICKED EVER AFTER (Wicked & Devoted, Book 2) →

★ Zyron and Tessa Duet ★
→ WICKED AS LIES (Wicked & Devoted, Book 3) →
→ WICKED AND TRUE (Wicked & Devoted, Book 4) →

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I never, NEVER, thought I’d say that I needed coffee. LOL It’s my new go-to caffeine, morning enhancer. I have a cinnamon-flavored fave with flavored creamer. What’s your morning fix? ...

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If they cross this line from friends to lovers, it would change everything.


A sudden, firm knock on her front door had her whirling around. Her breath caught. Her heart stopped.
With her stomach twisting in anticipation, she flipped on the porch light and peeked out the peephole. Today had proven that anyone associated with EM Security in any way needed to be careful. But as she’d suspected—and hoped—Zy stood in the circle of murky light on her porch, in a white tank, a black jacket, and faded jeans.
He looked like a man on a mission.


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To Brianne Prescott, all men want something from her. Will her brother’s sexy best friend be any different?

DARE TO TEASE: A Dare Nation Novella by New York Times bestselling author Carly Phillips is now available!

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This happened! Wicked and True released today, so Zy and Tessa’s duet is now complete! I love this story with all my heart and I’m so thrilled to share it with y’all! #newreleasetuesday #newreleasebooks #wickedanddevoted #wickedanddevotedseries #authors #romanticsuspense #sexybooks #romance #romancewritersofinstagram ...

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Is it midnight yet? Wicked and True will be live and delivered to your eReader soon!

More than 5 Stars! “This wicked story packs quite a punch! This finale is action packed, nail biting, on the edge of your seat, mind blowing AMAZING!!!” – Goodreads reviewer


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He'd protect her from the world. But who will protect her from him? Read how Zy and Tessa get to their happily ever after… in 2 days!


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Announcement! Shayla’s Virtual Signing is coming to a zoom screen near you on April 10th!

What is it?
The opportunity to get the signed Shayla Black print books or eBooks (with book plates!) you’ve been wanting. Some of our favorite titles are 25% off for this limited-time sale, but you can choose anything from the ENTIRE Shayla Black catalog available on my store!

To sign up:
1. Purchase any book from the Shayla Store.
2. When checking out, include the virtual signing option.
3. Wait for an email with additional sign-up instructions.

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