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Forbidden Confessions: First Time
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#tbt The first of four of my Forbidden Confessions in one box set! Forbidden Confessions: First Time… Four stories of that forbidden first touch. Binge them today!!

What’s next? Forbidden Confessions: Protectors will be combined into one print volume coming 08.17.21!

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It’s Wednesday Night LIVE! William and I will be chatting in my Book Beauties group tonight!! Join us for some #humpday fun! See you LIVE at 9pmET/8CT/7MT/6PT!


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Hey, y’all! I love talking to you, so let’s stay in touch! Ways to CONNECT with me… Do you have a fav?
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What’s coming up next for me? It’s crazy!

Forbidden Confessions: Protectors series - Seduced by the Assassin, Seduced by the Mafia Boss
Reed Family Reckoning: More Than Possess You, and More Than Hate You

There may be a few surprises coming as well! Stay tuned, y’all!

Seduced by the Assassin (July 13):
Seduced by the Mafia Boss (August 17):
More Than Possess You (September 28):
More Than Hate You (October 12):

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I’m amping up the heat this summer with THREE new alphalicious, drop-dead sexy heroes who don’t care how forbidden their desires are, they’re determined to protect—and claim—their women. I introduced you to Rand Garrison in Seduced by the Bodyguard, but he’s got three super-hot brothers…

Seduced by the Assassin will be out next month! It’s all about sexy and dangerous Ransom Garrison and his forbidden love. Check out his brothers, Rand (Seduced by the Bodyguard), and Rush (Seduced by the Spy) – both available now!

What lengths will he go to in order to claim his babygirl?

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What’s a former player to do? 🤔 ...

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It’s sexy #SpySaturday! Rush Garrison can seduce me any day! #forbiddenconfessions #readon #sexytease #sexysnippet

˙·٠•●♥️ SEXY SNIPPET♥️●•٠·˙
“Come here,” he murmurs, setting the knife aside.
Biting my lip, I comply. His deep voice compels me to. In fact, it was the first thing to draw me to him way back when. “What?”
Rush pulls me closer, smiling when I settle my hands on his solid chest. “You sure you’re going to be okay?”
If he keeps touching me, no. This doesn’t feel like a protector soothing a girl. This feels like a man wanting to be close to a woman.
I think I’ve gone crazy.
I smile. “Sure. I’m not hurt. The intruder didn’t take anything. My house is still standing…and you’re making me feel safer.”
“Do I?”
“Good.” He looks into my eyes, and I can feel his hot stare driving straight through my trembling heart and knotting stomach, all the way to my soul.
But he already owns me. He just doesn’t know it.


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More Than Want You is available now for #99c 📚 ...

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Today is National Making Life Beautiful Day! Wishing you all a beautiful day! #love ...

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#TBT More Than Want You is only .99¢! The first novel in my Reed Family Reckoning series! If you’re looking for an alpha millionaire and a sassy, luscious redhead who’s temporary fling ignites ALL THE FIRES… this one’s for you.


Reed Family Reckoning: Siblings
More Than Want You, More Than Need You, More Than Love You

Reed Family Reckoning: Bastards
More Than Crave You and More Than Tempt You

Reed Family Reckoning: Friends
More Than Dare You and More Than Hate You (coming soon!)

☆★☆ More Than Hate You (coming Oct 12!)

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She was his childhood best friend, and now, as the heat between them increases along with the danger, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

MEMORIES OF YOU: A Stark Security Novella by New York Times bestselling author @juliekenner is now live!

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It’s Wednesday Night LIVE! William and I will be chatting in my Book Beauties group tonight!! Join us for some #humpday fun! See you at 9pmET/8CT/7MT/6PT.


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LAST CHANCE TO BUY! Love Me Always will be removed from sale on June 9th! Don't miss snagging your copy of this FIVE Full Length Novel collection for only $4.99!

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How about a tasty treat from my latest Forbidden Confession?


˙·٠•●♥️ SEXY SNIPPET♥️●•٠·˙
Rush scans me up and down, his eyes flaring hot as his stare brands between my legs, singes my breasts, then fastens on my own. “Morning.”
Oh, god. Everything about him arouses me. I can’t breathe.
What is he thinking? Wanting? Did he really mean those words he growled at me last night?
How do I respond? Indecision grips me. Cover up my feelings and hide…or go for it?
I know what I want.
“Vanessa.” He swallows as if he’s trying to say something difficult. “We need to talk.”


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Want to protect me? You better earn it. Grab a Bodyguard and Spy and let’s get started! Welcome to my Forbidden Confessions: Protectors series! Enjoy these Forbidden Confessions. HEA guaranteed!


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"This arranged marriage is burning up the sheets…"

FINALE: A North Security Novella by New York Times bestselling author @skyewarrenbooks is LIVE! #1001DarkNights

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#TBT Forbidden Confessions… where it all began. Super sexy and fun beach reads! Four stories of that forbidden first touch in ONE eBook!

Seducing The Innocent
Just how far will she go to keep her secret crush?

Seducing The Bride
Just how far will he go to claim her?

Seducing The Stranger
Just how deep will she fall after one night with a hot stranger?

Seducing The Enemy
Just how far will he go to take his pound of flesh from her?

HEA Guaranteed!

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Join me over at TikTok! How else would we celebrate aside from doing a giveaway involving my favorite spy? ...

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Let’s celebrate SEDUCED BY THE SPY! William and I will be chatting all about my latest release on my Facebook page! JOIN US FOR ALL THE FUN! See you LIVE at 9pmET/8CT/7MT/6PT! ...

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It’s HERE! Rush Garrison – the sexy spy that will make your dreams comes true. I hope y’all enjoy my latest Forbidden Confession!

5 Fun Facts about Seduced by the Spy
• Rush is one of the four dangerous Garrison brothers.
• It's an office-crush story...with a major twist.
• Vanessa was Rush's brother's prom date. Not that Rush remembers... Or does he?
• The story is full of danger.
• It's REALLY steamy (because Rush sees the sexy books Vanessa has on her eReader, so he knows what she wants).

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